Log Splitter Safety Tips

It might be that time of the year to rent your log splitter. Here are some safety tips for Pro Star Rentals

Important safety tips before using a log splitter
These safety Tips are from the Manufacturer.

  • Make sure you go over the complete instructions for usage before leaving Pro Star Rentals site.
  • Most accidents occur when more than one individual is operating the log splitter. We recommend that the operator be the only person within 10 feet of the log splitter during the splitting phase.
  • CAUTION: Never position the logs on the log splitter by holding either end of the log with your hands. It is recommended that you hold the log by the middle when loading the log splitter in order to prevent injury.
  • CAUTION: Keep hands clear of the space between the log splitter ram and the log, or the log and the wedge of the log splitter at all times.
  • ONLY operate the ram control of the log splitter lever by hand.
  • WARNING: NEVER operate the log splitter on icy, muddy, wet, or any other slippery surfaces. Also avoid operating the log splitter in enclosed areas.
  • While operating a log splitter or wood conveyor, ALWAYS wear adequate eye and foot protection such as safety glasses and heavy work boots to ensure protection from flying pieces of wood or falling logs.
  • WARNING: NEVER fill the log splitter or wood conveyor gas tank while the engine is running or still hot. ALWAYS shut off the fuel supply before towing the machine.
  • WARNING: For your own personal safety and the safety of those nearby, NEVER operate the log splitter or wood conveyor while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication.