When to Use What Lift

There are a lot of different lifts and it can be hard to know what kind of lift that you will need for the project. When it comes to lifts and big equipment, Pro Star Rental knows exactly when to use each lift. We want to help you to evaluate the situation so that you know exactly the type of equipment you will need to complete the project. When it comes to lifts you have a number to choose from. Scissor lifts and boom lifts are just two among the many and within those types of lifts you have various types within those categories.

Scissor lifts

There are several different types of scissor lifts. You might think that they all do the same thing and that is to just go up. The straight answer is, yes, that is true. However, depending on the project, you might need a special variant. The standard is just your electric scissor lift that can handle 2 people. The main thing that you need to consider is that this type of lift is only to be used indoors. So, if you’re needing to do some work under a carport, you’re going to need a different scissor lift. This is where you’re going to need a rough terrain scissor lift. This type of lift is built to go through rough terrain and even on slopes. Not because it is designed specifically for outdoor use, but it is powered by a diesel engine.

Boom Lift

When it comes to a boom lift, they fall into one of two categories: telescope boom lift or an articulating boom lift. Their capabilities are very different, so you really need to know the scope of work that is involved. A telescope boom lift is very simple in the fact that you just have one arm that stretches out to get a maximum height of 185 feet. Where as an articulating boom lift can get up to 125 feet. However, you are provided a lot of flexibility to be able to reach those hard to reach places because the number of places you can bend the boom. Now to go even further, you’re able to get different variances of even these types. However, we won’t get into them in this article.

Pro Star Rental can help you with all your rental needs. Whether you need a lift for inside or outside, for straight up or straight over, we can help you! We can help you identify the type of lift that you need as well as go over all the safety and instructions you may need. This provides you with everything you need to complete the project you’ve got on your hands. Call us today or come into our store!

By Pro Star Rental 2-27-2019