Winter Construction Safety

Construction is hard in winter because of all the challenges that you have to meet. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. There are some work arounds to construction in the winter. Pro Star Rental wants to help you complete your project on time with the right tools and of course, in the safest way possible. Having years of experience in the construction field ourselves, here is what we have found to be the most helpful when it comes to the certain challenges that winter brings.

Winter brings on icy conditions that can cause a lot of unsafe areas. The first step in making sure that you are as safe as possible is to inspect your site and look for any areas that need to be categorized as unsafe at present conditions. Then talk about what can be done to rectify the situation. This would include simple things like ice on the walk ways. A simple solution would be to put ice melt or sand down to eliminate the hazard or reduce the seriousness by creating more traction. This would be the same for areas such as scaffolding. If you can’t get the ice to melt then setting up signs to alert workers about the condition will help them to be safer walking through the area especially if they are carrying an item that could be detrimental to them if they fell on it.

Take care of your workers. It's cold outside and although work needs to be done it shouldn’t be done at the expense of your workers safety. Provide a heated break area for them to be able to come in from the cold. You will reduce their chances of developing hypothermia, frostbite, and fatigue and it encourages your workers to stay hydrated. This work environment helps to make happy workers that will actually do better on the job. Make sure you make it clear to your workers that you want them to take frequent breaks. Encourage them to do so for the best outcome of the project. No construction project is worth the life of a person.

Pro Star Rental has seen a lot of different construction projects take place and they have all coped with changing weather and conditions. Make your construction site and project a safe one! If you’re in need of any equipment to get your project completed then call us today! We can help make sure that you have all the necessary tools and how to use them safely.

By Pro Star Rental 3-28-2019