When Should You Use Scaffolding

When Should You Use Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a way to provide a safe and stable platform that's needed when working on an elevated surface. It offers support for concrete formwork, inclement weather, and projects that might potentially be unsafe to work on without assistance. Depending on what you need, though, there are varying degrees of scaffolds available for different circumstances - temporary vs. permanent worksites or jobs, high risk vs. low-risk buildings.

When Is It Needed?

Scaffolding is usually used on buildings with heights of 16 feet and above, but you can use some for lower projects - it just simply depends on the user, contractors, and type of scaffolding. For temporary worksites, a scaffold is normally used when the work is to be done for a short time or refurbishing or renovating an existing part of the building. Short term projects are more likely done on a modular platform, while permanent worksites usually use steel frames with guardrails.

Scaffolding is used in building work for all sorts of reasons. In most cases, it's needed to elevate forms/workers above the rest of the structure to perform their duties safely and correctly. Other times it's used to cover or protect workers from inclement weather like rain or snow. You can also use scaffolding to provide a stable platform for concrete formwork so that a structure is properly secure and safe for workers.

Why Is It Important

The moment a building project is started, a scaffold is built to provide the best possible conditions for workers. It's a safety measure that aims to minimize the risk of injury or death on the job site. In modern times, working at heights is inevitable in many work settings. The use of scaffolding at construction sites and accessible buildings protects workers by minimizing their risk of falling. Using scaffolding on these projects also minimizes the risk of site workers' injury due to accidental slips or falls.

A scaffold's main role in structural building work is to provide elevated platforms that help workers safely transport materials, place formwork, and complete their daily tasks safely.

How Can You Use Scaffolding?

The building industry has different uses for scaffolding. There are various types of scaffolds you can use depending on your projects' needs. Temporary and permanent scaffolds are just some of the many types that can be used in different situations. A typical scaffold is made from steel. It can also be made from other materials, like wood, plastics, or aluminum. Temporary worksites normally use temporary scaffolds, and this type of scaffold is usually made with a lightweight material like PVC that won't become brittle in cold weather.​

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By Pro Star Rental 8-11-2021