Steps to Safely Using Rental Equipment

Steps to Safely Using Rental Equipment

Renting equipment can be extremely useful for contractors and homeowners alike. Renting equipment can save you the money of buying expensive equipment that you won’t need to use frequently, and it can save you the room of having to store these items. Before you leave the Pro Star Rentals store with a piece of equipment, our team will make sure to go over proper safety protocols with you that are specific to that piece of equipment. But today we thought we’d share some basics you should know when it comes to using rental equipment in the safest way possible.

Start with the Right Equipment

Some types of equipment can be multipurpose, but most types of equipment that you are going to be renting are designed with solitary purposes in mind. It can be tempting to try to save a bit of money and try to make a piece of equipment do double duty when it is not meant to, but this is not wise. Using equipment to do work that is above the workload it is intended for or to do work that it is not designed to handle can create safety concerns.

Take a Moment to Read the Manual

Probably the best way to know how to use a piece of equipment safely is to read the manual. Different makes and models of the same type of equipment will have slight differences. The manual will be able to tell you the specifics of the piece of equipment you are working with and how it works. Taking a moment to read the manual will remove the need for figuring things out via trial and error. It will allow you to save time in learning how to operate the equipment and it will help you avoid unnecessary safety risks.

More than just keeping yourself safe while operating a piece of equipment, you need to keep those around you safe as well. Communicate clearly before you start up any machinery and while it is in use. Be aware of your surroundings at all times while operating any equipment. Simply being aware of those around you can prevent so many accidents.

By Pro Star Rental 7-13-2022