All About Scissor Lifts

All About Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift is a motorized vehicle designed to move construction workers, painters, cleaners, or other operators vertically along the face of a wall, building, or other tall structure. Generally, a scissor lift works by using a series of small motors that can slowly drive the vehicle forward or backwards and expand the constricted spring like device to raise workers in the bucket atop the machine. It is this scissor like action of raising and lowering which gave the scissor lift its name. The first scissor lift was patented in 1963, and since then advancements have allowed the bucket to be raised higher, and for the vehicle to be able to move horizontally.

Uses for the scissor lift include, but are not limited to:

  • Painting
  • Exterior or interior cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Wall, ceiling, or roof inspection
  • Operating video or image recording equipment from a high vantage point
  • Or reaching high shelves in a retail environment

Scissor lift safety is also important. The most important aspect of scissor lift safety is notifying workers or passers-by on the ground of a potential hazard. Yellow safety tape warns those around that they may not enter the area without permission from the scissor lift operator, and red hazard tape denotes an area that may not be entered at all. Another hazard is the lack of conduction on the scissor lift. When working with a scissor lift near electrical dangers, the operator must keep in mind their surroundings and ensure the safety of themselves and all others in the bucket of the lift. The scissor lift may also sway, rock, or sag depending on the conditions. The operator may continue to use the lift under these conditions, but it is advised to keep in mind safety protocols to ensure that these occurrences do not risk the safety of those on board the lift, or those below.

There are many more safety protocols and operational procedures to be made aware of when using a scissor lift, that is why the good folks at Pro Star Rental have made things simple. By contacting us, we can make the scissor lift rental and operational processes easy and have you on your way to getting your job done. Call today!

By Pro Star Rental 8-24-2020