Advantages of Solar Generators for the Job Site

Advantages of Solar Generators for the Job Site

At ProStar Rentals, we are familiar with all the ins and outs of a job site, whether industrial or home. When it comes to powering a job site, have you ever considered using solar powered generators to do so? There are some serious pros that may convince you to consider it.

Why Go Solar?

For starters, unlike gas or coal, solar power does not produce emissions that contribute to pollution. Any environmentally conscious choice is definitely a good choice. In addition to the lack of pollution, solar power is also efficient in water conservation. To help you get a better idea of what that means, solar panels use over 16 times less water than do coal power plants and over 20 times less water per kWh of electricity than do nuclear power plants. This is a very appealing prospect, especially in places that are dealing with droughts.


Job sites are filled with inherently loud equipment. Solar power, on the other hand, is quiet. Without moving parts to contribute to the noise, the communication on a job site is less likely to be interfered with.


What about when the sun is not shining, you may be wondering. Is solar still reliable? Well, the good news is that these generators do not rely solely on the sun for power. When the sun is not its strongest, these generators can be charged by grid power, or with a traditional generator. And because they have such few moving parts, the chances of something breaking are minimal. In fact, solar panels and generators are so reliable that many companies offer 25-year warranties on them. Even some installations that are over 50 years old are still producing energy. Talk about reliable.


Even though up front the cost of a solar generator is higher than some petroleum ones, the return on your investment is quickly realized. Indiscriminately, the sun shines on all of us for free, as opposed to the cost of other fuels you must purchase to keep traditional generators running. You will also save yourself the headache of being at the hands of the wildly fluctuating fossil fuel industry. It is also worth mentioning again how seldomly solar generators break down, also lending to their long-term affordability.


Among the attributes solar generators can boast on include durable solar panels. Designed in order to withstand one- inch sized hail at 90 mph, industrial forklift batteries, and sturdy power inverters built to hold up against even the harshest conditions. Clearly, solar generators are built to last for decades.


Another bonus of solar generators is that they are quite safe to use. No need to worry if tools being run off them are in danger of being damaged. Those expensive power tools and that laptop is surely in good hands.

The advantages of adding a solar generator to your job site are obvious. Regardless of what generator you decide is right for you, ProStar Rentals has the tools you need to accomplish whatever job is on the schedule. Be sure to visit one of our several locations so you can be well equipped for any job.

By Pro Star Rental 8-22-2019