Equipment Rental in Waco, TX

Being an electrician can have its challenges because of the complexity of the work to be done, especially in commercial buildings. Wiring can tend to be in high, hard-to-reach places. When this happens, Pro Star Rental in Waco, TX has the right equipment to help with the job. Whether you need a scissor lift or other aerial equipment, Pro Star Rental has what you need!

At Pro Star Rental, we make work easier by renting safe and reliable equipment. Our expertise in equipment will ensure that you’ll always be happy with the equipment that you rent from us. Making sure you can get the job done without any issues is part of our mission.

Of course, we are always concerned about safety when our customers rent from us. With each of our equipment rentals you’ll find check lists and procedures on our tickets as well as safety reminders. When followed properly, these provide the best results for you and the work you will be performing with the equipment. Make sure to read each safety reminder carefully. The National Safety Council reminds us that most injuries can be avoided if people would follow simple safety rules. Of course, we will go over these with you before you leave our Waco store but we also include reminders on our tickets for your convenience.


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