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Advantages of Solar Generators for the Job Site

Advantages of Solar Generators for the Job Site

At ProStar Rentals, we are familiar with all the ins and outs of a job site, whether industrial or home. When it comes to powering a job site, have you ever considered using solar powered generators to do so? There are some serious pros that may convince... [read more]

By ProStar Rentals 8-22-2019

Home Projects That Use Pressure Washers

There is a lot of upkeep when it comes to a home. If you want to keep it healthy and look beautiful then you must spend the time and energy on your home. There are many aspects to a home that you must consider when it comes to the... [read more]

By Pro Star Rental 6-12-2019

When is the Best Time to Cut Wood

When is the Best Time to Cut Wood?

Pro Star Rentals understands that there is no shortage of wood around in Texas. Many homes have beautiful foliage surrounding them. However, come the winter months there are many who like to have fires in their fireplaces or during the other months like to camp and bring their... [read more]

By Pro Star Rental 4-9-2019

Winter Construction Safety

Construction is hard in winter because of all the challenges that you have to meet. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. There are some work arounds to construction in the winter. Pro Star Rental wants to help you complete your project on time with the right tools and of... [read more]

By Pro Star Rental 3-28-2019

When to Use What Lift?

There are a lot of different lifts and it can be hard to know what kind of lift that you will need for the project. When it comes to lifts and big equipment, Pro Star Rental knows exactly when to use each lift. We want to help you to... [read more]

By Pro Star Rental 2-27-2019

Unexpected Winter Projects

Unexpected Winter Projects

Pro Star Rental is able to help anyone get a home project done right. There are many different types of projects that can be done in the fall while its not too hot. However, there are some projects that come as a surprise to us. If the home... [read more]

By Pro Star Rental 12-11-2018

Construction Site Safety

Construction Site Safety

“Time is money”. This is an expression that often widely known and used. This often leads to an unrealistic deadline that is rushed to be met. This can cause some problems when you’re working; one of the biggest one is the fact that many are unaware of... [read more]

By Pro Star Rental 4-18-2018

Be Equipped for Your Spring Time Projects

Be Equipped for Your Spring Time Projects

No matter what project you’re working on be it on the job or at home we always have just the equipment you need to get the job done right and on time. Pro Star Rental is always keeping up to date on the best equipment out there and... [read more]

By Pro Star Rental 3-20-2018

Pros and Cons to Winter Construction

Pros and Cons to Winter Construction

Winter doesn’t seem to be the best time to start a construction project. Summer seems to be the season to get all of your construction projects done. However, there are many pros to choosing to do a construction project in the winter. Of course, there are some cons... [read more]

By Pro Star Rental 11-1-2017

Construction and Unhappy Neighbors

Construction and Unhappy Neighbors

There are many do-it-yourselfers (DIY) projects and guides out on the internet now. Many people take on these projects with remarkable success. Why wouldn’t you want to, if you have the time it can save you a lot of money. However, some of the dad or husband DIYs... [read more]

By Pro Star Rental 8-16-2017