Be Equipped for Your Spring Time Projects

Be Equipped for Your Spring Time Projects

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No matter what project you’re working on be it on the job or at home we always have just the equipment you need to get the job done right and on time. Pro Star Rental is always keeping up to date on the best equipment out there and adding new ones to our treasure trove. We have recently added new equipment to make sure that you can get started on projects as the weather starts to warm up and school breaks start up. Here are a couple of home projects that will help make your home beautiful for the summer season just ahead.

Recently we have added a hot water pressure washer to our collection of equipment which is a true gem among our tools that we have. This particular piece of equipment comes in handy when trying to up the curbside appeal of your home. It is more than just a pressure washer that you point at the concrete to clean it. The added feature of hot water allows for a smoother, quicker, and a cleaner surface. This piece of equipment is able to take off oil, grease and grime. So, if you’re looking at your concrete driveway or even garage and see these type of stains, don’t be discouraged. These stains easily come off with this little gem that you can rent from us today!

Another key piece of equipment that many are in need of today is a stump grinder. Here in Texas we have so many trees! There are also storms that come through that knock them down. Or you may choose to cut them down for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason you have for a stump in your yard we have the tool needed to get it out. A stump grinder is easy to use and can be done in a day even if you have more than one stump. This is often times much cheaper then paying someone else to do the job for you. So, whether you need it for a whole day, half a day, or more we’ve got you covered.

We have what you need to complete all your home projects. With spring here, there are many people who will be starting up all their home projects. Businesses may be picking up as the weather is getting better. So, whether you need it for business or a home project, we’ve got you covered. Don’t hesitate to call us or come in today. We have much more than just hot water pressure washers and stump grinders here at Pro Star Rentals. You name it and we’ve got it. Our locations are in Longview, Nacogdoches, Tyler, Waxahachie, Waco, and Wichita Falls, TX.

By Pro Star Rental 3-20-2018

Pros and Cons to Winter Construction

Pros and Cons to Winter Construction

Pro Star Rental Blog in East Texas

Winter doesn’t seem to be the best time to start a construction project. Summer seems to be the season to get all of your construction projects done. However, there are many pros to choosing to do a construction project in the winter. Of course, there are some cons to doing construction in the winter. Pro Star Rental knows the challenges of a deadline and how weather can often hold you back from completing the project. What many may not know is that winter can help to speed up the process.

Here are some pros to construction in the winter:

  1. Contractors have more availability meaning that you can have more services done within the timeframe.
  2. Better Rates. The winter causes many businesses to slow down causing rates to be lower. So, you’re able to save more money in the end.
  3. Permits are easier and faster to get. With less to do, making for the proper permits easier and smoother to get.

Here are some cons to construction in the winter:

  1. Fewer day light hours to work with. What you would like to get done in a work day may not be plausible in the winter as it would be in the summer.
  2. Extra heating cost. You can’t be working in the cold without some type of heating element.
  3. Ground freezing… There might be some construction delays because of the ground being frozen.

Whether its summer, winter, fall, or spring we are here to help you with all your needs. Construction doesn’t have to just be for the warmer months. If the timing for construction is right, then we will be there to provide you the needed equipment and tools you need to get the job done. Here at Pro Star Rental we take our time in making sure that our equipment can work up to optimal standard during any month. Call us today!

By Pro Star Rental 11-1-2017

Construction and Unhappy Neighbors

Construction and Unhappy Neighbors

Pro Star Rental Blog in East Texas

There are many do-it-yourselfers (DIY) projects and guides out on the internet now. Many people take on these projects with remarkable success. Why wouldn’t you want to, if you have the time it can save you a lot of money. However, some of the dad or husband DIYs can involve construction equipment. Such projects as decks, irrigation, and that pond you’ve always wanted in the back yard. This can pose some challenges to yourneighbors in the quiet neighborhood. What can be done about that then?

  1. Time to Call in a Meeting!

One way to avoid unhappy neighbors is to talk with them before you start the project. Let them know what you’ll be doing and how long it’s going to take. Letting them know that you’re concerned about the effect it will temporarily have on them will always help to prevent any unhappy neighbors. While you’re letting know what you’re planning on doing ask them when would be best for them to do the work. If you’re going to take a long weekend to do the project then ask them how early it would be ok to start it and how late they would be ok with you working in the evening.

  1. Block off the Area

If your project will be accessible to the public, like in the front yard, then it would be a good idea to block of the area or put caution tape up. Small kids play and ride their bikes on the side walk so you don’t want to run the risk of a child getting hurt in a trench you dug out the day before. However, you choose to make it evident that kids should stay away from the area is up to you. Always factor in the safety of others and the potential dangers that your project can pose to yourself and others.

  1. Follow Through

Follow through on what your neighbors have said. If they don’t want any noise happening till 8am and want you to wrap it up by 9 pm then respect their wishes. It makes neighbors happy when you take them into account and follow through on what they want if it’s within reason. Also, be mindful about where you’re parking your rental equipment. Sometime HOAs can be picky about how long you park something on the street or even in your drive way. So, to avoid an unhappy HOA make sure you know the codes that have to be followed.

DIY projects can be fun and turn out beautifully. However, you want happy neighbors while you tackle the project. That’s why Pro-Star Rental wants to help you make the best of your project by giving you a few tips. We provide all the equipment needed for commercial and personal projects that you’re taking on. Call us today for needed equipment that you’ll need for your next project.

By Pro Star Rental 8-16-2017

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