The Differences Between Backhoe Loaders and Wheel Loaders

The Differences Between Backhoe Loaders and Wheel Loaders

At Pro Star Rental, we carry both backhoe loaders and wheel loaders. These machines are invaluable to companies that perform a lot of lifting and hauling of materials in their work. And while they do share some similarities, they are different, and their ideal usage is different. If you are not sure which one would best suit your job, hopefully this breakdown of their differences will remedy that.

Backhoe Loader

A backhoe loader is a machine used for construction and heavy lifting. They're typically fitted with a bucket on the front and an arm to lift things, whereas wheel loaders are designed to push objects around.

Wheel Loader

The wheel loader is designed to transfer materials from one place to another using the power of its wheels and usually has an extended fork. They are used mainly in warehouses and can work alongside other machines, such as conveyor belts or cranes.

Although there are many similarities, there are several differences between the two machines. Here are eight facts about backhoe loaders and wheel loaders that you might not have known:

1. How They Work

The front of the machine is usually fitted with a large bucket and handles to lift objects. The bucket is attached to the arm on the back of the device using a mechanical linkage system. This ensures that when it moves forward, it also lifts. The mechanical linkage is typically controlled by two cables attached to one lever at the front. The backhoe loader is powered by a combustion engine and is generally fitted with tracks.

2. Work Environment

The wheel loader has many uses and can be used indoors in warehouses or on construction sites.

3. Safety Features

Both machines had issues with safety features in the past, but that's no longer the case. These days, both types are fully enclosed and have pedals that activate an emergency braking system which could save lives.

4. Size

The backhoe loader is wider and weighs more than a wheel loader, so it doesn't fit into the tight spaces that the latter can.​

5. Speed

The backhoe loader has a high acceleration rate, whereas the wheel loader has a smaller footprint and low power output. The front bucket of the machine is also more significant than the wheel loader's and can carry up to 5 cubic yards of material at a time.

Choosing between a Backhoe Loader and a Wheel Loader

If you are looking for a more powerful tool, a backhoe loader is your best bet. However, if you're mainly interested in maneuverability, the wheel loader is right for you.

Backhoe loaders are still mainly used for construction and heavy lifting jobs, whereas wheel loaders are primarily used for moving things around warehouses or construction sites.

By Pro Star Rental 12-12-2022