Rental Equipment to Help Clean Up Your Yard this Fall

Rental Equipment to Help Clean Up Your Yard this Fall

It is September, which means that Fall is just around the corner! For those with yards to care for, Autumn is a big chore season. Cleaning up fallen leaves and prepping grasses and trees for the Winter takes time, but it can take less time and less effort with the help of a few rental tools. Here’s our Pro Star Rental go-to list.

Cleanup Tools

One of the first steps to preparing your yard for Winter is Making it clean and free of fallen leaves, branches, and debris. A few pieces of equipment that can help you accomplish this task are leaf blowers and wheelbarrows. Some leaf blowers are equipped with vacuum functions so that whatever it picks up is deposited into a bag for easy disposal. Wheelbarrows are great for when you need to haul away large items or when more heavy-duty cleanup is required, such as large fallen branches.

Lawn Prep Tools

After your yard is cleaned up, you can begin to prepare it for Winter and Spring. One major way to do this is to rent an aerator. Aerating your lawn keeps the soil in good condition and fights against compacted dirt, which is a common occurrence for snowy and icy climates. If you plan on fertilizing your yard this Autumn, exercise caution by renting a spreader. Not only will this distribute the fertilizer quickly and evenly, but it will also remove the need for you to come into direct contact with the powerful agents.

Arbor Tools

If you have dead or dying trees on your property or just some that need a trim, consider renting a chainsaw and a woodchipper. Taking care of trees before ice or snow hits will save you from incurring potential damages from fallen branches. And once you have trimmed your trees, you can get rid of large pieces of wood with the woodchipper.

If you have a need for any of these Fall tools, give our store a call and see if we have what you need! Between our eight locations, we surely do.

By Pro Star Rental 9-13-2022