Home Projects That Use Pressure Washers

There is a lot of upkeep when it comes to a home. If you want to keep it healthy and look beautiful then you must spend the time and energy on your home. There are many aspects to a home that you must consider when it comes to the upkeep. We want to focus on the aspect of a home that need to be maintained through power washing. Here at Pro Star Rental we have power washers that are available for homeowners to come rent and make their home beautiful and healthy. Here are some essential features of your home that need to be cleaned and maintained with a power washer.

Your Fence

When it comes to your fence it can take some hard hits throughout the years due to the weather. The elements turn your fence gray leaving your home looking less than pleasant. Not to mention that once the elements start to get to it, you’re looking at future fence repairs once it starts to rot. How can this be avoided? The power washer will be your best friend. All you must do is crank it on and go to town, spraying it just enough so that the gray comes off. Once you have finished the entire fence you’ll want to paint or stain it. This will help to preserve the life of your fence. This should be done every couple of years.

Your Deck

Your deck is very similar to that of your fence. However, many homeowners would say that their deck is even more important to take care of because it is an essential feature of the home that is used so often. Your deck also sees a lot of wear and tear. In order to keep it looking beautiful and splinters out of your feet you’ll need to clean it every 1-3 years depending on when the sealant that you choose to put on your deck. There are different ways that you can go about cleaning your deck. Some like to use cleaners that go in the pressure washer while others like to avoid chemicals completely and wash it just using the power washer. You must be careful when in comes to the amount of pressure that you use because you don’t want to cause gouges. Always wash it with the grain and never against the grain.

Pro Star Rental can help you with all your home projects this summer. If you need a specific piece of equipment to get the job done then don’t worry, we have you covered! Come in today and look at all the different pieces of equipment that we have so you can start planning your summer projects.

By Pro Star Rental 6-12-2019