Operating a Skidsteer

Many operators find the skidsteer loader extremely useful, especially for handling various tasks in a small area. The vehicle's maneuverability is unmatched by traditional tractorloader combinations. Because skid-steer loaders differ from farm tractors in everything from steering to mounting and dismounting, some operators are not aware of the unique hazards involved in operating them. This bulletin is intended to alert you to the primary risks of using a skidsteer loader and to encourage safe vehicle operation. It is not intended to replace the operator's manual and therefore cannot cover every possible hazard. The operator Askid-steer loader should never be operated by children or untrained adults. It is a powerful machine that requires understanding and skillful operation. Always read the operator's manual before operating a skid-steer loader because it provides specific information about your particular machine. If the manual is not available, obtain a copy from your dealer. Warnings and other safety information in the operator's manual could save a life or prevent serious injury. Reading the operator's manual is the first step to becoming a skillful, safe operator. The loader's warning decals also provide important information. It is a good practice to clean the loader periodically, especially when you use it for handling manure. Preserve the decals, and keep them visible. Young children should not be allowed to operate skid-steer loaders. Just because they can physically manipulate the controls does not mean they have the judgment to handle new or unexpected situations.