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Super Vee Manual 1/4" x 25 ft Sewer Auger

The Super Vee Manual 1/4" x 25 ft sewer auger is a compact and portable tool designed for manual operation to clear clogs and blockages in small diameter drain lines. This handheld auger is a reliable choice for DIY homeowners and plumbers who prefer a manual approach for clearing common drain problems.

With its 1/4" diameter cable and 25 ft length, the Super Vee sewer auger is specifically designed for smaller drain lines, such as bathroom sinks, showers, and laundry drains. The cable is flexible and durable, allowing it to navigate through bends and traps in the pipe system to break up and remove obstructions like hair, debris, and grease.

The Super Vee Manual sewer auger is easy to use and does not require any external power source. It features a comfortable handle and a hand crank, allowing the user to manually rotate the cable for effective clearing of blockages. This manual operation provides a hands-on approach, giving users more control and allowing them to feel the resistance and adjust accordingly during the clearing process.

If you prefer a manual approach for clearing small drain lines, the Super Vee Manual 1/4" x 25 ft sewer auger is a reliable and convenient tool to have. Its compact size and ease of use make it suitable for occasional use or as a backup option when dealing with clogs in your plumbing system.

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