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Skyjack SJ46 AJ Articulating Boom Lift Aerial Work Platform

The Skyjack SJ46 AJ Articulating Boom Lift is a versatile and powerful aerial work platform designed for accessing elevated areas in construction, maintenance, and other industries. With its exceptional reach and articulating arm, the SJ46 AJ model offers flexibility and maneuverability to navigate obstacles and work in challenging environments.

Featuring a combination of telescopic and articulating booms, the Skyjack SJ46 AJ allows operators to extend both vertically and horizontally, providing a maximum working height of up to 52 feet and a horizontal outreach of around 24 feet. This enables users to access elevated work areas with precision and efficiency.

The SJ46 AJ Articulating Boom Lift is equipped with user-friendly controls and safety features, including platform rotation, non-slip platform surfaces, and guardrails. It offers smooth operation and stability, thanks to its hydraulic drive system and robust construction. This makes it a reliable choice for tasks that require extended reach and precise positioning, such as building maintenance, installation, and repairs.

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