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Rol-Air 2 Twin Tank Air Compressor

The Rol-Air 2 Twin Tank air compressor is a product manufactured by Rol-Air, a well-known brand in the air compressor industry. 

Twin tank air compressors are portable and versatile machines that provide compressed air for various applications. Here are some common features and characteristics you can expect from a twin tank air compressor:

  1. Dual Tanks: Twin tank air compressors are equipped with two air storage tanks instead of a single tank. This design allows for continuous operation by providing a larger air capacity and reducing the need for frequent cycling.

  2. Portable Design: Twin tank compressors are typically designed to be portable and easy to transport. They often feature handles or wheels for convenient mobility, making them suitable for jobsites or locations where mobility is required.

  3. Oil-Lubricated or Oil-Free: Twin tank compressors can come in both oil-lubricated and oil-free configurations. Oil-lubricated models generally offer higher air capacity and longer lifespan but require regular maintenance. Oil-free models, on the other hand, are generally more lightweight and require less maintenance but may have a lower air capacity.

  4. Motor Power and CFM: The motor power and cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating are important considerations when choosing a twin tank air compressor. The CFM rating determines the air delivery capacity and determines what kind of tools or equipment the compressor can support.

  5. Pressure Regulator: Twin tank compressors often include a pressure regulator that allows you to adjust the output pressure to suit the requirements of your specific application.
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