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Hilti VC 40-U Shop Vacuum

The Hilti VC 40-U shop vacuum is a high-performance and durable cleaning tool designed for professional use in construction, woodworking, and general cleaning jobs. With its powerful suction and efficient filtration system, this shop vacuum provides effective and reliable cleaning performance. The VC 40-U features a large 40-liter capacity tank, allowing for extended cleaning sessions without frequent emptying. It is equipped with a robust motor and optimized airflow design, ensuring strong and consistent suction power. The vacuum also incorporates a self-cleaning filter system, which automatically cleans the filter during operation to maintain optimal performance. The VC 40-U includes practical features such as a power tool outlet for dust extraction during tool use, as well as convenient storage options for accessories. With its reliability, performance, and user-friendly design, the Hilti VC 40-U shop vacuum is an ideal choice for professionals who require a powerful and efficient cleaning solution for their job sites and workshops.

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