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GenieZ-34F Articulating Boom Lift Aerial Work Platform

The Genie Z-34F articulating boom lift is a versatile and powerful aerial work platform designed for accessing elevated areas with precision and flexibility. With a maximum working height of 41 feet and a horizontal outreach of 22 feet, this boom lift offers impressive reach and maneuverability. It features an articulating boom mechanism that allows for precise positioning and access to hard-to-reach areas, making it suitable for various tasks such as maintenance, construction, and installation. The Z-34F is equipped with a stable and reliable chassis, ensuring smooth operation and stability during use. It offers smooth and proportional controls, allowing operators to easily navigate and position the platform. Safety features like a tilt alarm and a load sensing system enhance operator safety and productivity. With its powerful performance and articulating boom design, the Genie Z-34F is an excellent choice for projects that require efficient and precise access to elevated work areas.

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