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Genie 5519 Telehandler

The Genie GTH-5519 telehandler is a compact and versatile machine designed for lifting and material handling tasks in construction, agriculture, and industrial work. With its telescopic boom and impressive lifting capabilities, it provides a reliable and efficient solution for various job site needs.

The GTH-5519 telehandler offers a maximum lifting capacity of approximately 5,500 pounds and a maximum lift height of around 19 feet. This allows for efficient material placement and stacking at different heights. The telehandler's compact size and maneuverability make it well-suited for jobsites with limited space or restricted access.

Equipped with a powerful engine and a range of attachments, such as forks and buckets, the Genie GTH-5519 provides versatility and adaptability to different applications. The operator's cabin is designed for comfort and visibility, ensuring operators have a clear view of the working area and easy access to the controls. Safety features, including load management systems and stabilizers, are incorporated to enhance operator safety and prevent accidents.

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