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Extension Ladder

An extension ladder is a type of ladder commonly used for tasks that require access to heights. It is designed with multiple sections that can be extended or retracted, allowing the ladder to reach varying heights based on the user's needs. Extension ladders are versatile and widely used in construction, maintenance, painting, and other applications.  

Extension ladders are typically made of lightweight yet durable materials such as aluminum or fiberglass, ensuring stability and ease of transport. They come in different sizes, with varying maximum reach heights and weight capacities, allowing users to select the appropriate ladder for their specific requirements. The ladder sections are equipped with locks or hooks that secure the extensions in place and prevent accidental collapse during use.

Safety features such as non-slip rungs and stabilizing mechanisms enhance user security while climbing and working at heights. Some extension ladders also include additional features like adjustable feet to provide stability on uneven surfaces. It is crucial to follow proper ladder safety guidelines, such as maintaining a stable footing, using the ladder on a level surface, and never exceeding the weight capacity.

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