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Bobcat T595

The Bobcat T595 is a compact track loader designed for various applications that require a combination of power, maneuverability, and traction. As a track loader, it features a tracked undercarriage, which provides enhanced stability and traction, allowing it to operate effectively in challenging terrains.

The Bobcat T595 offers a rated operating capacity (ROC) of approximately 2,200 pounds and a tipping load of around 6,400 pounds. It is equipped with a powerful diesel engine, typically providing a horsepower output of around 74 HP. The T595 also features a hydrostatic drive system, allowing for smooth and precise operation.

The machine is designed with operator comfort and productivity in mind. The operator's cabin is spacious and includes ergonomic controls, adjustable seat, and excellent visibility, enabling the operator to work efficiently and safely. The T595 is compatible with a range of attachments, such as buckets, forks, grapples, and more, which can be easily interchanged using the quick-attach system.

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