Store Manager - Fort Worth

Job Description

Job requirements for Pro Star Rental Store Manager include but are not limited to: Knowledge of construction equipment, Prior experience in equipment rental a plus, Ability to physically inspect the rental yard for maintenance needs and safety hazards, Good communication skills, Good customer service skills, A leader with strong self motivation and energy to manage employees, Experience in hiring/firing and leading multiple employees Some sales experience and phone skills, Ability to secure equipment loads and make deliveries when necessary to provide good customer service, Ability to establish contacts and cultivate relationships, Ability to learn and use the company’s computer system

The ideal candidate will:
  • Be a self starter, able to thrive and motivate themselves (and their team) in an environment where they are not micro managed. 
  • Have experience in operations management, including P&L responsibility.
  • Have some heavy equipment experience, either rental, sales or operations.
  • Understand how to manage employees, their needs, and morale.
  • Be willing to be part of the team, providing help at the service level both inside and outside of the showroom when there is a backlog of customers.
  • Be focused on safety, specifically only renting equipment to people who are capable of  not only transporting the equipment, but also confident in using it when they get it home.
  • Manage staff of at least 5 including counter sales, mechanic, CDL driver, etc.
  • Ensure safety practices are communicated and followed consistently
  • Schedule employee work hours to ensure store is properly staffed during hours of operation
  • Ensure equipment is well maintained and in good condition
  • Ensure services are priced properly, and fees are collected promptly
  • Generate revenue and manage costs to maintain profitability of store

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