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Today many people like to save money by doing things themselves. Some home projects require more than just a saw and a drill. When home projects take more than the tools you have at home then call Pro Star Rental here in Longview, TX. Whether you need to replace a pipe in the yard or doing another project we’ve got the equipment you need. We understand that you want to save money and Pro Star wants to help all our customers to that.

Our equipment is always maintained to a superior degree. After each use, we make sure to clean and maintain them. This process is very important in making sure that you always get a machine that is working at optimal level. Pro Star Rentals wants you to be able to get the job done with the least amount of troubles. We know that part of that means having equipment that will work smoothly and so we make sure that we do our part in that.

Safety with each piece of equipment is always our top concern. We make sure to give you instructions on how to use each piece of equipment and what the procedures are for turning them on and shutting them off are. Such information is very important for each person to follow because it means their life and those of the lives around them. We will always give you safety guidelines that will help prevent injuries from happening.