Equipment Rental in Henderson, TX

  • 1209 US Highway 79 N, Henderson, TX 75652
    P: (903) 655-6400
    F: (903) 657-6769
    7AM – 5PM Monday-Friday
    8AM – 12PM Saturday
    Closed - Sunday
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There are many home projects that families are capable of doing themselves. When you’ve got something in mind that you want to do Pro Star Rental is here to help make it happen. We want to make the work that you’ve got planned to do easier. Pro Star Rental in Henderson, TX is helping many electricians, plumbers, general contractors and the do-it-yourselfer every day. Money and time are some of the biggest problems we tend to face when doing a project so we made sure that you can save some of both.

Pro Star Rental is very meticulous when it comes to the health of our equipment. These machines are to help make your job easier so when a rental is returned Pro Star Rental makes sure to take the time to ensure they are in excellent condition for the next use by doing routine maintenance on them. This helps you know that you are going to get a smooth operating machine each time. Customer satisfaction is important to us so we make sure to do all for you to have exceptional machines.

Projects around the home or for work don’t come without hazards. We make sure that each person is informed as to the safety guidelines that need to be followed. Along with this we make sure that each customer knows how to work the rental and what the turn on and shut down procedures are for it. Most accidents and injuries are from not following the basic guidelines of safety so we make sure to give our customers a little reminder by putting some basic reminders on our website about each rental.